2015 keepers and throwbacks

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Re: 2015 keepers and throwbacks

Post by The Venerable Bogatir X » Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:55 pm

-not just showing-up when it's the best you can do as has been the IGx bro-mantra for ever and said a million times now
-way less IGx (I am not bad with this anymore) and way less FB (spikes of absolutely stupid FB time are common with me), but not be a cunt about it and do the 'walk away'

-my new Rx meds and my new therapist (yes, I am finally going to one, yes, I find it helpful, although it's only been 4x and I just started this month, and it's brutally hard, yes, fuck you if you snicker, bitch)
-Bike Riding: a friend gave me a nice, bike trainer to work off of this winter and I should figure out how to put at least a thousand miles on that bitch, this winter....I would like my ass and crotch to be highly conditioned when it's time to ride again....I'm also going to learn how to use clipless shoes on the trainer, at some point soon

-Reassessment of what I really would like like to get done in training and get back with my trainer assuming he still wants to work with me
-Definitely been doing more plant based eating, too.....totally intuitive, but much more minimal of the meats and processed anything (even if you catch me on FB cooking it for others, I am not eating it, more often than not)
-Get back on the wagon....it's been a long year and some rather severe health issues have been compounded by drinking again
-Getting my heavy bag back up finally and maybe, just maybe, nut up enough to go to the MMA school I take my kids to, as the owner/instructor assures me he can easily work around my dainty knees

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Re: 2015 keepers and throwbacks

Post by Ripe Turd » Sat Jan 02, 2016 10:21 pm

- Dan John reps scheme: 15-25 reps for half-body movements (focus on front squat, chinup, press) and 6-10 reps on deadlift. Up the weight when it's too easy. Use 25 and 45 plates only. Don't grind, do one more set instead.
- "Isaac Hayes" template: weight training/bodyweight training and stretching/LISS cardio
- planning meals a week in advance

- back squats. They gave me a HUGE migraine the last time I did them. I thought I had an aneurysm that was about to explode in my head. Had to take 3 weeks off ALL exercise before any physical activity wouldn't start a new migraine.

Goal for 2016:
- restart my morning "joint mobility" routine
- exercise every day. hopefully this will help with every other aspects of daily life (drinking, work, etc.)

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Re: 2015 keepers and throwbacks

Post by syaigh » Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:34 pm

Keep: squatting heavy
Body building work with dumbbells for everything else
My chiropractor
My throwing coach
Rowing and other regular cardio

Uncoachable lifters
Heavy deadlifts (they make me slow and brittle)
About 15 lbs of blubber
Miss Piggy wrote:Never eat more than you can lift.

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Re: 2015 keepers and throwbacks

Post by TerryB » Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:39 pm

The only other person who lifts is a woman.
"Know that! & Know it deep you fucking loser!"


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