Polyphasic Sleep...update.

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Polyphasic Sleep...update.

Post by Dunn » Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:38 pm

So it's been a few months since I swapped over to a mostly biphasic sleep schedule 4 at least days out of the week due to work and avoiding outrageous daycare costs.

Some notes:
- Totally workable in terms of getting enough rest to function moderately well at work and home as it seems to spread the fatigue out to manageable levels.
- Workout recovery didn't dive too badly but it's harder for me to stay with a harder session on my work days.
- Kiddo has been awesome with napping well during the day, something I was afraid would be a problem but so far so good.
- Defintely harder on my moods. Ol' black dog seems to hang around more and is slightly harder to dispel with meditation.
-My once near photographic memory now comes in starts and stops. Definitely a lot harder to lock onto something and keep it in my mind.
- I've been using adrafinil to help pad the days where I swap from days to nights, be it for family or Air Force duty. It seems to work rather well for focus and pushing back the fatigue.
- I definitely do not see this as something I could manage long-term. Once I'm done with school the wife and I are going to start looking at other options as I am just not happy with the situation. For now it is workable and saving us a lot of money so we will see how long we can milk it.

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