Fat and wheezy

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Fat and wheezy

Post by milosz » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:11 pm

Have to find my scale in storage before I can weigh myself. Somewhere around 6'1" 250 depending on how big a dump I took this afternoon.

Goals: look better naked, skydive before I turn 30 (end of September), do an adventure race (Tough Mudder/Warrior Race/etc.), deadlift 2xBW, continue not smoking, get in a time/money/fitness position to join The Gym (Arlington, TX) which is the nearest boxing gym and offers MMA stuff.

No booze for a month started yesterday. Will continue as long as my social life lets me get away with it. Stocked up on tuna steaks, chicken breasts, and frozen vegetables at Costco.

Day 1 exercise: 200 yard farmer's walk (20 laps of my 20yd back yard) w/ 35# in each hand, uncounted KB swings while I worked on form - need to do a lot more but I was dumb enough to start at 3pm (106F). May have to suck it up and go to the gym when I have afternoons free to work out.

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