Coffee and Chalkdust

Post your training journals here if you like. I'll make back-ups to avoid losing your data.

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Coffee and Chalkdust

Post by Yojimbo1 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:34 pm

Started a new log, since my old one hadn't been updated in more than a year. This is really a different chapter anyway. ... &start=150

In the meantime I have been keeping a log here

Coming off a few weeks of light recuperative stuff after feeling pretty beat up for a few months.

Easing my way back to the heavier (for me) weights. Going to go basic and heavy 2 or 3 days a week with some boxing and whatever else in between for the time being.


Jump rope, foam roller, dynamic mobility,

empty bar presses and behind the neck jerks to warm up shoulder.

Overhead Press

55# x 1 x 5

65# x 1 x 3

75# x 1 x 3

95# x 1 x 3

115# x 1 x 3

135# x 3 x 5 (with wrists wrapped)


135# x 1 x 5

225# x 1 x 3

315# x 1 x 3

365# x 1 x 3

No belt, hook grip on all.

aka Full Contact Twist)

empty bar 1 x 3

45# 1 x 3 each side

First moderately heavy workout in a while. Shoulder presses felt good, grip is an issue on deads. All the reps were pretty fast but they felt heavy as hell.

Never really tried the landmines before but I’ve been fascinated lately with how track and field throwers train and wanted to throw in some rotational work. Maybe if I work these hard it might carryover somewhat to increased punching power? We’ll see.

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