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Got one of these as an early Christmas present. This thing is great. The bumps really get into the muscle without bothering areas that are bony. I've done everything from the bottom of my feet up to the neck area. I would still probably use something for a particularly hard to reach area like a lacrosse ball, but this thing hits a lot of areas well. It is the closest thing to a hands on massage that I have experienced.

I highly recommend it.

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Re: RumbleRoller

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Interesting...they mention that this design corrects the limitations of traditional foam rollers, which is that they only "compress" soft tissue. 2nd thing I learned from Art Riggs is that "compression" is fine for a start, but you want to get a lot more action going that just "pushing down" on the spaghetti snarls of collagen fibers in a typical adhesion. You need to anchor and stretch, you need to rake and realign the collagen, etc.

This little device looks pretty good as a way to approach that aspect of soft tissue work. Thanks!
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