Acupuncture; ETPS 1000

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Acupuncture; ETPS 1000

Post by Swamp Fox » Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:28 pm

For a while now I have been using an ETPS 1000 by Acumed (Acumed Medical Supplies Ltd). It is an electronic home unit that you stimulate Acupuncture points with.

It is an interesting device and I have been able to use it to good affect. As with most modes of manual therapy the knowledge of the practitioner makes a difference in the outcome.

The unit ain't cheap; at $ 400.00 +. It comes with a case, the unit, ground strap, extension applicator pen, and instruction book. The unit has multiple settings for different affects; ie stimulation of a point, sedation of a point, ect. The instruction book is very basic; and the intention would seem to be for you to take various certification courses in the units use.

I have a brother in law who works in a clinic and he swears by the unit. He has taken several different certification classes and does use it extensively in his practice. He is also how I got the unit; since they are restricted to medical professionals.

My take is that it is not as powerful or long lasting as a full needle treatment by a DOM.

As an adjunct therapy it is nice since you can do it anytime that you feel the need or want, without waiting for an appointment. The cost of the unit is recovered quickly in saved Acupuncture appointments. It is handy, portable, and useful device for anyone that has an ongoing use or need for Acupuncture.

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