Suatting in a nutshell

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Suatting in a nutshell

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:49 am

Author Topic: Suatting in a nutshell
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posted July 30, 2004 06:52 PMJuly 31, 2004 06:52 AM

Welcome to the jungle. Let's right up front establish that you are going to compete. Unless the pressure of a meet is over you, and the vast learning experience of lifting on somebody elses time surrounded by people way better than you at PLing, you won't get the physcial and mental benefits of PLing.

Ok, put the bar on your lower traps, get a symmetrical grip, set a stance the width you would set your feet if you were a baseball catcher, then push your ass back and knees out and drop to hip is below kneecap. Drive out of the bottom trying to push your traps through the bar.

Repeat endlessly with increasing amounts of weight.

Wait until your jeans are too tight in the thigh. Never met a woman not mesmerized by big thighs. Only insecure fitness babes care about biceps.

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