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Post by Lich » Sun Mar 27, 2005 7:02 am

GoDogGo! wrote:A long time ago on top of a mountain somewhere, Sonnon came up with "Here be dragons," I believe in ref to his CB training.

On DD, someone subsequently took the handle "Here Be A Dragon."

This led to "Here Be A Dumbass," or HBAD.

An HBAD is someone who is so stupid that he's really, really funny.

So then, that explains HBAD.

As for the rest;

PTP = Power to the people.
IM = Iron Mind.
RKC = Russian kettlebell challenge or Russian kettlebell certified.
COC = Captains of crush (grippers)
IMO = In my opinion.
RE: = in reply to [insert whatever]
DD = Dragon door
Freido = Steve Freides of Ridgewood, New Jersey.
WSB = West side barbell.
MDFRIWSBKRN = Makarov is a Dumb Fucking Russian Idiot Who Should Be Killed Right Now.

Please add to this list to help our new members get aquainted and feel at home in our forum... :happiness:


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