Maxwell on prepping for first grappling tournament

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Maxwell on prepping for first grappling tournament

Post by judobrian » Wed Apr 06, 2005 1:18 pm

A month is not much time to prepare. Hopefully you have been training hard for several months already. The most important work is what you do on the mat every day. Spend a third of the time drilling and practising moves with a co-operating partner. Then work the same moves against a partially resisting partner. The partial resistence work should be about fifty% resistance. The other third should be all out matches for the length of time that you will fight. In real BJJ tournaments, run under confederation standards, blue belts fight 6 minutes. White belts do not compete. NAGA has it's own strange set of rules and standards that are not recognized by the BJJ governing body.I believe white belts fight 5 minutes. Get a copy of their rules and read carefully. Prepare to fight a minimum of 6 bouts. If you are weak in certain positions, like the guard or poor at takedowns, do positional work. Spend time every training working from your worst positions. With a month to go, cut supplementary training down to twice per week. Do intense cardio and strength/endurance work for brief five minute circuits with body weight or kettlebell exercises. Perform the movement for 10 seconds, rest 10 seconds for a total of three sets per minute. Do as many reps in the ten seconds that you can. Threee to five reps is good, depending on the exercise. KB swings, double cleans, thrusters, squat thrusts with a pushup, pull-ups, rubber band take down drills, hindu squats, deck squats, all types of pushups are all good exercises to use in this type of circuit. Each circuit can be slightly different. These tournaments are long drawn out mentally prepared to sit around waiting for your division. Bring all the food and water that you will need. Plan your re-hydration and eating stratedgy ahead of time. Never eat differently or try something new tournament day. These are a few idas to help you out. Your nerves are going to be your biggest enemy fight day. Learning to deal with the mental and emotional issues surrounding a combat sport is what seperates the champions from the also rans.
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