Cotters Workout for endurance

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Cotters Workout for endurance

Post by Dave » Tue Jan 18, 2005 12:53 pm

1 arm swings 24kg--30 +30 (relaxed style)
Shoulder sandbag (175lbs.) 50 m each shoulder
Jump rope for 3 min--easy to breath
Alt cleans (1 count) 2x24 x 40 (20 each arm)
Shoulder sand bag - Hindu Squats x 12 each shoulder
Jump rope 2 min easy
Speed kicks (hands stay up)--front leg: front jab, side - 50x each kick, per leg--full speed and power (think set-up or 'stop hit')
Double Snatch 2x24kg x 20 x 1
jump rope 3 min
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