Maxwell on Ankle Rehab

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Maxwell on Ankle Rehab

Post by johno » Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:21 am

I deal with sprained ankles and foot injuries with my students in jiujitsu fairly often. Because of twisting and straight foot and ankle locks, injuries sometimes occur.

At Maxercise, we get people moving right away. After initial icing, range of motion movements are used in high repetitions. Dorsi flexion, plantar flexion, inversion and eversion with no resistence-into the hundreds of reps every day. Holding the ankle in the hand and rotating the foot in both directions for several hundred reps also really helps.

Use the rubber bands from Jump Stretch to add resistence to the range of motion exercises as the ankle feels better. Standard calf raises are good. Placing a light weight plate on the tip of the toes and lifting it with the dorsi flexors also strengthens the top of the foot, ankle and shin. These moves help re-establish range of motion and reduce pain by increasing circulation and breaking up adhesions.

Ride a stationary bike and use an exaggerated ankling technique on the pedals while you spin. This should get you well on the way to recovery.

After workout use contrast baths of alternating a ice water bath with a really hot water bath. Plunge your foot in the ice water for 30-60 sec., then the hot water(5 gallon buckets are ideal).Alternate 5 times ending with the ice water.

Steve Maxwell

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