Exploding bogatyr head

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Exploding bogatyr head

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Some days you get the bogatyr, some days the bogatyr explodes and gets you. But this week the Ukrainian secret service caught the Semtex bogatyr head as it was smuggled through customs.

http://www.ssu.gov.ua/sbu/control/en/pu ... t_id=35317
Dnipropetrovsk – the Security Service of Ukraine detained in a conspirative apartment one of DPR’s militants ... Mr. “S”, dob 1984. During the search of his apartment law enforcers have seized 20 kg of plastic explosives in the form of bogatyr’s head with detonator inside, Makarov gun and “DPR General Prosecutor’s office” employee pass.
A Mak is just the gun for someone man enough to haul around 45lbs. of high explosive bogatyr. Props to http://www.weaponsman.com for noticing this story about an important piece of DD Diaspora heritage.