I honestly don't know who this will effect ...

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I honestly don't know who this will effect ...

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... but I was a freshman in high school when these guys began going to war with each other. I didn't even fuck with b-ball, I was a football guy, a martial arts guy. But I'll be damned if these two fellas didn't inspire me to push harder every day. From way back then to now, these guys drove me to grind myself into a sweaty, hard-breathing mess on the daily. Without fail. To this day I watch not just highlights, but interviews with these gents weekly. Inspiration is a sugar pill. Small. In the moment. Fleeting. But from these men, I learned what discipline meant. What it meant to get to work when you really would have rather not. To push yourself and those around you to be the best they could possibly muster. Iverson put this out about a month ago and I'll be damned if it didn't touch my soul - https://youtu.be/DH_KRAY_xBY?si=dIskNbr-GHJ8liMo
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