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Local news

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Shit, just like holiwood scenario.
5 bandits with guns against 1 man with a stool :)
- They broke into the first house, located next to the station, and took 15-year-old girl hostage, handcuffed her and ordered to lead them to the neighbors who have a car.
Girl led them to the neighbors, where they seized young guy as hostage who led them into the house across the street, home of a large family.
There criminals expected to receive the keys for a car parked in the yard.
- But the father of the family, by the way, in the past also convicted man, grabbed a stool and cracked it on the head on one of the attackers, while the other fired the house owner in the leg, but the injury did not prevent the victim to grab the knife and stab gunman several times.
and guns are banned here ](*,)