Meet Officer Wentz

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Meet Officer Wentz

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Saw this on the UG. Mendelson is the brother of Scot, the famous bench presser.


My buddy Richie was a 9/11 Ground Zero First Responder. He visited my class every year since 2006 or so in order to share his story with my students. He became very ill with 9/11 sickness around 2011 or so. By September of 2011. Richie was in very bad shape. He visited my class for the last time that year and he asked me to record it. He told me that he wanted me to hold onto the video until he passed away and then post it on YouTube so that the world never forgets. Sadly, today I received word that Richie passed away. Now, I make good on my promise. This link is to the first part of the video. As soon as the other finishes uploading, I will post a link to it as well. Thank you, in advance, for sharing this with all whom you think will care. Richie was a good man. He was a hero.

Someone please embed this... Thanks. I'll give you a VTFU.


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