Online blood testing - WellnessFX/InsideTracker/etc.?

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Online blood testing - WellnessFX/InsideTracker/etc.?

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I want to get a blood panel - no health insurance, I only see a doctor when I'm on death's door. I'd just as soon as soon do it online and get the results myself, my experience with doc-in-a-box places has left me with the impression I can interpret shit just as well as they can.

Inside Tracker Performance Performance Panel @ $299 tests for 20 'biomarkers' - testosterone included (but it doesn't say what the testosterone test includes) and I don't see an A1C test (my father has diabetes, I ain't going down that road)
WellnessFX @ $199 includes a 20-minute consult I'd never use, no testosterone or magnesium. Gotta pony up $699 for the performance package for those and a long physician consult.

Anything else I should look at? I'd like to get all the standards (cholesterol, etc.), testosterone and A1C, magnesium would be a benefit.