Pro Palestine Protests

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Pro Palestine Protests

Post by Grandpa's Spells »

I'm honestly not paying very close attention and I'm finding myself puzzled.

Since the October Hamas attack, Israel declared war, since that's something you declare war over, and people are now protesting the war.

I'm not entirely sure I understand. It's certainly not "genocide," since Israel could pursue that if they wanted, and do not. But Hamas has been pretty clear their goal is genocide.

It appears the Palestinian side is being sympathized with because they're weaker, but they're also wrong. I could understand the idea of, "OK there's a war, and we don't want pay for it," which I agree with, but not the accusations being hurled at Israel.

I don't think a Jewish state is a great idea and am generally against settlement building, their record on human rights, and their expectations on the US for aid without cooperation. But I don't understand how far the pendulum appears to have swung among the American public.

Anybody think they have a clear idea of what is going on?
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Pro Palestine Protests

Post by Bennyonesix1 »

The point was the legislation about to be passed outlawing anti-semitism.

This is the usual "both sides" approach. The conflict was created by and under the control of ppl who want to drive legislation.

It provides cover in the guise of an "emergency" for politicians to enact legislation without popular support.

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Pro Palestine Protests

Post by Ronald RayGun »

Israelis. Palestinians. American college campi. Retarded swaths of American college students. The people who work/teach at American college campi. A real who's who of people I couldn't possibly care less about. Massive zero. My entire steez about Israel is that they're a welfare queen. When a kid is 18, their on their own. Fuck out of my house. Hang your own shingle. Israel is much older than 18. Time for the training wheels to come off and the welfare funds to dry up. Time to focus on America/the American people for a bit. Won't happen, so ya know ...
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Pro Palestine Protests

Post by Luke »

Palestine is the underdog in their eyes and what they did against Israel has been perceived as their only route of action since they are so under the thumb and in a constant state of deprivation owing to how Israel treats them apparently. I guess when you tell them they can't do hate speech they don't like it. It's only bad when the other side does it.

I'm sure it's running to the younger generations here, but I'm an older millennial and being in the creative industries since my 20s, I've noticed a strong support for Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestine from peers. Last week I was furious to see people laughing at the video of an Israeli being killed by an IDE marked as a Palestinian flag and the tearing down of the hostage posters around the city here.

Both sides are undoubtedly wrong on many levels, but the bloodlust these people have against Israel is enraging to me, because they were the same people vilifying coalition violence in the GWOT. It's been a long time since I took sides, I'm so jaded and it never got me anywhere, but when I stop to think of the hypocrisy it shit's me still.

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