The United Snakes of America

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The United Snakes of America

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"The United Snakes of America"

Beware of The United Snakes of America!

They come from both political parties and label themselves Left and Right. Many times this is only a facade for your viewing because so many listen to their words but don't watch their actions

They are in all branches and agencies of the Federal Goverment as well as the state and local.

They are in every industry.

... They are media!

They slither their way into your pockets to line their own, their patron's and those they pander to.

They seek to slither into your homes and tell you how to live.

They use their position and our general lack of vigelence to accomplish their aim's

They seek to devide us into small groups so we fight each other and don't notice when they surround us.

They raise their hood and spit venom at our enemies but never go in for the kill while they constrict our right's.

They seek to disarm us in the name of safety and assure you that their fangs are ment to protect you from the vermin that plague us, while they enable the vermin to raise fear.

And before you know it, they are coiled around you as they are poised to strike.

But they can be seen for what they are if we open our eyes and cut down the grass.

They can be denied access to power, removed from it or crushed by our vote.

They can be cut to pieces by our anger and burned by our rage.

All this is within the power's and law's out father's set down for us when they defeated the viper from accross the sea.

But ther will always be more to take their place when we forget to tend our yard and keep our house.

Because these snakes come from within our midst.

"God forbid we tell the savages to go fuck themselves." Batboy