I Contain Multitudes

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I Contain Multitudes

Post by buckethead »

Really, really excellent book. Though the premise - is there really a separation between animals and their biomes - seems already known, the author brings you on a fantastic romp through all kinds of microbial adventures.

The many examples of symbiosis and dysbiosis are so well written that most of the book feels like a well-made nature documentary.

By the end, you'll stop eating probiotic supplements but you will seriously contemplate eating somebody's shit


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Re: I Contain Multitudes

Post by Alfred_E._Neuman »

I'll have to pick this up and give it a read.

There's a method of gardening called Korean Natural Gardening that propagates the indigenous microorganisms (IMOs) in the soil for your particular plot of land and then makes a solution that you use as a fertilizer instead of the petrochemicals normally used. Supposedly gives results an order of magnitude better than the petrochemicals.
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