I'm having a one day sale for what it is worth..

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I'm having a one day sale for what it is worth..

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24 Hour Sale!
Starts tonight Sunday June 12, 2016 at 10pm
ENDS on Monday, June 13, 2016 at 10pm.
The complete Tom Furman library of videos & ebooks:
Here's What you Get:
"Concrete Conflict & Conditioning" DVD (1 hour 47 min - $34.95 retail value)
"Activate Your Dynamic Range of Motion" DVD (35 min - $24.95 retail value)
"Armor of War" E-book (17 pages - $10 retail value)
"You Can't Outrun a Donut" E-book (13 pages - $5 retail value)
"10 Exercise that will De-Age Your Body by 10 Years" E-book (14 pages - $5 value)
"Activate Your Dynamic Range of Motion" E-book (12 pages - $5 value)
If you are one of the FIRST 20 PEOPLE…
you will get an e-book version of:
"Bamboo Gods, Iron Men & Rubber Bands!" (69 pages - $10 retail value)
Send $49.95 via Paypal only to: [email protected]
Make sure you send your mailing address and your email in the comments section
Ebooks will be sent same day or ASAP. DVDs will be sent through USPS.
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