Netflix Physical 100

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Netflix Physical 100

Post by Grandpa's Spells »

This kept getting recommended so I checked out ep 1.

100 Korean Olympians, MMA fighters, wrestlers, fitness models, military, strongmen, @fitters, and Youtube celebrities compete in feats of strength, agility, and endurance, facing elimination a la Squid Game. Extremely entertaining.
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Netflix Physical 100

Post by j-cubed »

I'm four episodes into it. I sometimes ride my stationary bike while watching. Pretty entertaining.

I do wonder about the English speakers, and whether the translations are close to what they were really saying, or simple scripting.

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Netflix Physical 100

Post by Boris »

Japan had a Sportsman No. 1 contest for many years (probably still does) starting in the 90s. They'd have athletes of all kinds compete in a myriad of events (strength, power, endurance, mental, etc) for placings/points to determine an overall champion. Pretty entertaining - Koji Murofushi (Olympic hammer thrower) basically crushed everyone so badly one year that I think they only had him back as a special guest (and not general contestant) in a barrel toss for height with other Olympic throwers.

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