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Thermos Nissan & Food Jar

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:01 am
by Turdacious
Nissan: double walled stainless steel thermos with insulation inside. Advertised to keep coffee hot up to 24 hours. Keeps it too hot to drink for at least six (max I've tried). Handle folds in nicely, heat stays inside. Holds just under a french press full of coffee. I like-- rated better than the competition, and only 5-6 dollars more expensive.

Food Jar-- Steel interior and exterior. Not as insulating as the Nissan. Advertised to keep food hot or cold for six hours. Works pretty well. Won't be super hot, but not lukewarm either. There might be something better on the market, but nothing to complain about.

Both come with cups on the top-- neither are as big as the ones on a Stanley, but you get extra portability. Cups are a little cheap. The smaller food jar comes with a folding spoon that its into the lid (under the cup)-- I wish the bigger one did. Both make it easy to take lunch and coffee to work or on the trail.