Hey Shaf. Is this true?

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Hey Shaf. Is this true?

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If it is, I can see why you're moving to Houston.

http://asp.elitefts.net/qa/training-log ... 94155&tid=
Before I get into my training for vacation I want to address something that is troubling for me, all the way to my soul. So my family and I are in Northern michigan for vacation and we go to a steakhouse/brewery. My son orders a steak(medium rare of coarse) and the waiter tells him that he can't have it medium rare. Now I take pride in the fact that my 7yr old knows to order a good steak medium rare so when the waiter said this I was shocked. Apparently, in Nazi Michigan, the waiter informed me, kids under 18 are not allowed to order steaks anything but well done. It is state f'ning law! He said that they could have their license pulled by the health department. So in a state where my son can shoot a deer, cut out it's still beating heart and take a bite, he can't order a steak medium rare? The government has gone too damn far. So now you take my money and tell me what is best for my kid, thanks Nazi Michigan for making my son be pissed off for dinner and have to eat macaroni and cheese at a steakhouse. Apparently this was passed without many knowing about it because the next day I was on the ferry to Mackinac Island with a state trooper and he had no clue about this law but I want to raise awareness about this injustice that is being done. If it can happen in Michigan, it can happen in your state. Don't let it happen in your state!

And this is the final reason why OHIO is way better than Michigan, I'm now denouncing my Michigan he,
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