John Carpenter Doesn't Give a Fuck

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John Carpenter Doesn't Give a Fuck

Post by Bram »

Funny interview with the director.... ... ng-2023-10

Carpenter is currently promoting his upcoming TV series, John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams, but it seems he’s not even too bothered about doing that. “I made a little series,” he explained. “If you don't like it, fuck off. If you do like it, I like you. So, there you go.”

Asked if there’s one project from his career that he would really want to talk about, he was, again, not that bothered. “No, I don't care,” he said. “I'd rather talk about basketball.”

“Look, I'm not a master of anything,” he added. “I just want to play video games and watch basketball. That's all I care about doing. I don't want to bother anybody.”
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John Carpenter Doesn't Give a Fuck

Post by Luke »

I read this somewhere else the other day; didn't know you'd posted it Bram. Fucking great. Fully relate to not giving any fucks and living quietly at that point in life.

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