The Enemy Below

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The Enemy Below

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You've all seen a lot of war movies and most of them are a commercial for war. I was expecting this one would be the same. It's not, in fact I was into it hard and will watch it again soon. We see two heroic, capable captains and their crews fighting a tense battle that's more strategy and psychology than shooting, although there are some battle scenes with lots of things going boom. What's great about this is we don't get just see the American captain saying a few words while striking a pose as the crew gapes in awe. Okay, there is a little of that but mostly we see how things are done and why. For example, in the obligatory "we're in for a hard fight, men" speech, the captain tells everyone to rest easy until the attack starts and to relax as much as possible between salvos. The film isn't perfect -- the acting by the bit players is mostly bad and the dialogue among the minor characters is straight out of Stock Dialogue for Crappy War Movies, Volume Nine. But most of what the two captains say and do isn't, and the film centers around them. Strong recommendation. It's on YT.