Captain Kirk 1,000 pound squat for 2

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Captain Kirk 1,000 pound squat for 2

Post by lenny »

Don't know if this belongs here. Definitely worth viewing.

This video is 6:40 and includes warmup sets ... efEriksson

There are videos of about a minute and a half below. I put one up, and got the message it's not possible to view it. ... quat+for+2

Was doing double kettlebell front squats at noon, not having eaten, nauseous w. a headache. I remember him screaming at the end "I wanna hold it."
On my last set, I did the same. I fucked up with the camera which was fine videoing the previous sets and thought I should watch this video and redo the last set. After watching him, I started laughing and thought, "Who am I kidding? I can scream all I want. I can't lift. I don't want his body. Fuck it. I'm not gonna do anymore today." If his body isn't torn to shit from all his lifting, I'd be very surprised. Jim Wendler can no longer use a barbell.

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Captain Kirk 1,000 pound squat for 2

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Fucking savage.
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Captain Kirk 1,000 pound squat for 2

Post by Luke »

Would bet a good majority of this generation of lifter has no idea who he is. Amazing how such a prolific lifter isn't really in the zeitgeist anymore...aside from Marty Gallagher talking about him at every opportunity.

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