cops juking stats

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cops juking stats

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Some former cops have said that their department kept crime statistics artificially low by hassling people who report crimes. Many times I've had the experience of cops aggressively hassling me when reporting a crime. I always chalked this up to the sadism of the cop in question since they do me that way all the time, but it just occurred to me that they do this so people won't call them. Several times the cops have done nothing, and not even attempted to do anything, about the incident/person I called about, instead doing me. So how common is this? Do many or even most departments do this?

Possibly related: It's common for Forest Service and BLM rangers to hassle campers on the public lands. The first few times they did this to me I thought they were targeting me specifically since cops of all kinds do that all the time, but I've heard of enough incidents that I believe there's an effort underway to keep people from getting outside the box. There certainly is that regarding people living off-grid i.e. code enforcement raids and so forth. The USCG hassles a lot of boaters, I now believe in an effort to deter people from having boats which would otherwise be a means of leaving the country if people chose to.