Creatine fights depression

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Creatine fights depression

Post by Luke » ... and-mood-0

It's been known for awhile apparently but only heard about this yesterday.

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Creatine fights depression

Post by Boris »

I hadn't heard of it - thank you!

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Creatine fights depression

Post by Old Mother »

Nice find!

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Creatine fights depression

Post by Protobuilder »

I get seasonal shit each winter and last year decided to do the SSRI route for a few months to get through it.

This year, I'm doing it again though have been using creatine as well and things have been noticeably better. It's been unusually warm and I've been getting a lot of sun so that probably factors in as well but creatine is easy enough and I don't give a shit what combination it is, as long as it works.
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Creatine fights depression

Post by motherjuggs&speed »

Without fish oil I couldn't function in winter. I'll try to remember to have some creatine.

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