Happy Mother's Day! BITCH!!?

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Happy Mother's Day! BITCH!!?

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To those mothers who put their children first above their wants and precieved needs. Make their kids do what they are supposed to do so they grow up right. Who don't try to pit their children against each other. Mom's who don't fill your mind with every suppossed fault of their father's and sugar coat theirs' with bullshit and rationalisation. To those that don't take what their children say in confedence and then blab it to the very people that are against their child. To those who don't live their lives as if it was a Metallica song ( My Friend of Misery). To those who have a way out of the shit they complain about but would rather wallow in their past and in their bullshit recolections of the past.
ect ect.

Happy Mother's Day to you, you have done wht is expected of you and have shown your love in deeds and not words.

To those that fit the aforementioned discription? Well your Son's still love you very much but you are now the child, you will shut your mouth and listen, accept their help on their conditions or you are on your fucking own. Kind of like your Son's have been for the better part of the last 38 and 31 years.

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