idiot lenny is even more stupid than he thinks

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idiot lenny is even more stupid than he thinks

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There's an expression in the Jewish tradition that God protects the fools. Now I know it's true. I may have to move out of here in the middle of the night and maybe tonite. I don't have a car probably almost no cash but could get to enough to survive on for a while. I have one nephew who has always been helpful i can't get ahold of. I think his mother is dying in Israel as he almost always calls me back and hasn't despite my repeated calls for HELP

Boddhi was right This stings more than a bit and it must be for my own growth
I'd tell you to pray or send me good energy but I'm not sure how long I am for this world.
I expected my son to show up with a gun and shoot me but by now my family realizes even if I can't have done so many stupid things to try and outsmart them that they can leave me alone for a while. In the Pt Break 1991 movie, Utah's sidekick at the FBI says they never burn time in the vault (robbing banks)

almost all i have been doing is burning time in the vault. by now i must have pneumonia
and i was so dumb that i locked myself in the car instead of waiting 30 seconds to re-enter my car code that somehow the windows were open
and head first i leaned out of the window got my palms on the ground with my shoes on yet and emerged in one piece on the asphalt

not bad for a 74 year old who thought he was having back spasms last nite. it really happened
it is really hard to believe how fuckin stupid i have been.

and to top it off i may have to eventually take care of the real love of my life who i have wanted to marry God knows how many times
who is now 76 and i last talked to her in 2015 and stupidly said if you're not 95 and available i will take you back. She is about as mentally ill and way more stupid and destructive with men than I am with women. i'm laughing and trying not to vomit. It's all true and there's a lot more i've done just burning time in the vault and there's no way i can paddle to new zealand. Bram understands
don't expect to hear from me. Here's a song that probably explains where I'm at ... nXIV-Topic

i hope it's not this bad but it might be
HELP ... eatlesVEVO

i hope it doesn't come to this with the cops shlepping me away. maybe they shoot me in the head but that probably won't happen here.
i know you think i'm joking but i'm not unfortunately ... BTheNEW%5D

i keep saying over and out
over and over again
i suppose i might reach professor emeritus idiot lenny in a few more hours