Mind-Body is One. This cunt didn't discover it.

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Mind-Body is One. This cunt didn't discover it.

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I have a bunch of email accounts under different names. I'm a very private person and posted the following letter to a forum before the Gaza war. It got rejected. I don't know why and even wrote the moderator to ask why it was rejected. No response. No information is still information according to the genius polymath Gregory Bateson. True, you just can't discern why.

This is from wikipedia

Gregory Bateson (9 May 1904 – 4 July 1980) was an English anthropologist, social scientist, linguist, visual anthropologist, semiotician, and cyberneticist whose work intersected that of many other fields. His writings include Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972) and Mind and Nature (1979.). I’m rereading the latter.

The grammar wasn’t the best but that forum doesn’t demand great grammar. Can anybody tell me what's so offensive about this. I actually did go to Columbia and the facts I'm presenting are true. Not just in my mind. I will make this letter clearer by what I should have written in parentheses when I say My Current Addition. I would have resubmitted it with these changes but said Fuck it. So here goes. I don’t care if you vehemently disagree. We all have a right to our opinions. Some of mine may be pretty stupid, but I think freedom of speech is under attack in America. Tell me why it isn’t.

I posted a link to this YouTube video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fEg5dy ... dbodygreen

and then started off with
“If this arrogant cunt”

If this arrogant cunt is an example of the elites (she doesn’t even rate as a gnat on the Bill Gates World Economic Forum level,) who want to run America and the world, they have to be stopped by any means necessary. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to violence, but it may have to. Ellen Langer is a Harvard professor who has done some very interesting research on how expectations can change physiological processes. For example, diabetics given what they were told was a low calorie milk shake (it was a high calorie one that should have spiked their glucose) did not have the response that they normally would. Non-diabetics told they were drinking a high calorie shake when given a low calorie one had a spike when they shouldn’t have.

She repeatedly makes sweeping generalizations without defining her terms such as stress shouldn’t affect you, and how we need to be uncertain about reality. It’s true up to a point, but if I dump her into the Alaskan tundra in the dead of winter or throw her off the Empire State Building (not a bad idea to make an example out of some of these motherfuckers,) we all know what the consequences are likely to be. I got some very good ideas from her about expectations tempering reality, which I already knew but have taken much further. I didn’t look at the clock after going to sleep very late the other night and sleeping probably a few hours. Instead of thinking I’ll be completely wiped out, I decided I’ll be OK. I did an enormous amount that day, I’d never have believed with a virus yet. I won’t make a habit out of it, but occasionally it’s fine.

She talks about the mind body connection as if she invented it. Long before Ms. Arrogant Cunt began her research, Ken Dychtwald wrote a book called Body Mind in 1972. Kenneth Pelletier in 1977 published Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer about how the mind could impact healing. So called primitive tribes know that and use shamans (called witch doctors by the medical establishment) to galvanize a healing response. It doesn’t work for everything, but doctors by predicting negative outcomes to their patients can do the opposite.

Dr Bernie Segal, a former Yale professor of surgery, said he’d go to conferences of doctors and read a diagnosis and make a bet with them.
“If you can tell me within 6 months of when this person dies, I’ll give you a year’s salary. If not, you pay me.” Nobody ever took him up on the bet. He’d excoriate them, “How can you tell a patient they have 3 months to live?”

(My Current Addition I am almost positive I posted Segal’s question on the IGX forum at some point)

Dr. Andrew Weil calls it medical hexing. Doctor induced death (iatrogenic death) is now number 3 among the list of killers up from number 5 in the 1970s. I go to doctors if I absolutely have to and have had a couple of surgeries.

In some ways, I find her extremely amusing. She will ask an audience, “How much is one and one? I’d ask what do you mean ‘1+1= n”, or 1 and 1, or one and one? I’d answer 10 base 2 for 1+1=n, 11 for the second possible interpretation and, ‘two’ for the last one. They’re all valid believe it or not.

(My Current Addition If you remember high school algebra, at least at my high school in 1964, it’s simple to tell the difference between the above 3. Otherwise it may not be.)

She says, “One pile of laundry thrown on top of another pile is one pile.” Not necessarily. How about the molecular level, atomic level, subatomic levels where there are close to infinite piles.

(My Current Addition It’s true I was being a smart ass when I wrote that but a lot of people post stupid shit there.)

She talks like she’s the first to recognize that being in the present without knowing what comes next and paying attention in order to learn new things is super important. Buddha taught this 2500 years ago, and again so called primitive tribes know that not being aware for a moment can kill you. We all make assumptions about reality but living with uncertainty, as uncomfortable as it is, can be very useful at times.

At one point, she boasts, “I’m Harvard Yale all the way.” Big fuckin deal. I know people who turned down Harvard to come to Columbia. One guy with a Harvard BA told me he had a lousy education. It’s the graduate department that makes the reputation. I had no good teachers at Columbia. One friend said he had one: another two. At UW-Madison, a state university, I had five.

Some of the smartest people intellectually I’ve ever met lived awfully stupid lives. A rheumatologist and professor of medicine from my high school graduated Brown, another Ivy League school. I hadn’t seen him in 50 years and was in complete disbelief at how he was at least 125 pounds overweight (he wasn’t fat in high school.) He tries to dissuade his patients from taking too much medicine. He’s pretty arrogant still, but at some point, if he lives long and not just drops dead suddenly of a heart attack or a stroke, he’ll get humbled. We all do, like it or not.

His memory isn’t too good, at least concerning our relationship, when he said we were friends, and he was at my home many times. We weren’t friends, and he visited me exactly once. I said that the abstract of much medical research contradicts the conclusion. He agreed and said it’s a real problem with medical research.

(My Current Addition. People on that forum are supposed to know or at least avail themselves of previously posted YouTube links explaining why. If you don’t know what that means, the abstract is the introduction of one paragraph of a scientific research paper where among other things, the author(s) findings or what they believe they found is stated. How can the conclusion disagree? Because almost nobody reads more than the abstract of one paragraph.

Is psychology research even scientific - very doubtful since there is no agreed definition of what an emotion is or how many there are says famed neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux.

According to him, the brain scanners still are not exact enough to determine what the difference is between fear and anxiety)

back to my original letter. I know this is confusing at times. I hope you find some of this entertaining.

I told him, I could help him find an intelligently designed exercise program (I didn’t say strength and conditioning - thinking he might not know what the hell I was talking about.) He replied, “I know, I know.” He didn’t exactly brush me off but obviously wasn’t going to do it. He later said, “I do what I like.” I didn’t flippantly say, “Good luck. You know the consequences.”

I haven’t finished Ellen Langer’s interview. I don’t know if I can stomach listening anymore. I should read the transcript.

Finally to finish this way too long post off, I was impressed when she said her house burnt down the day before Christmas, and it didn’t bother her. My building had a really bad gas leak. If someone had lit a match the whole place would have gone down about 18 months ago. It’s not a bad way to die, but if I lost everything I’d probably say I wasn’t meant to have it, but it sure would hurt. I have a lot of educational materials, papers I’ve written, books etc. on all kinds of subjects I can’t get back. It’s not the worst thing that could happen. I could have been trapped for days in rubble before a technician from the gas company eventually came and fixed the leak.

(My current addition. Hope my luck doesn’t run out during this Gaza War). Now back to the original rejected post.

Ellen Langer obviously has the money to go to a hotel where the cleaning staff left her a lot of Christmas gifts which was really nice. Here’s her great realization - people are basically good.” What does that say about her and her colleagues at the Ivy League and other supposedly elite universities? Tell that to the hundreds of millions killed by Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc. and their dedicated henchmen who were just carrying out orders. Thankfully, there are some wonderful people in the world, but if these elite bastards who know what’s best for us completely take over (they’re trying their utmost aided by the feeble resistance of the masses) a lot more of us will be completely fucked and at their mercy.

That was the end of the letter. Tell me why I’m wrong. I could tell you about frozen American bank accounts for no given reason (probably political,) the Twitter emails discovered after Elon Musk bought it and let in some journalists who discovered the FBI gave money to the Twitter owners not to post the story printed in the New York Post (one of the largest newspapers in America) to their Twitter account of what happened to the Hunter Biden laptop and that it wasn’t really Russian disinformation.
The US government lies. All governments do but tell me why are there still 6,000 missing documents from the CIA about the JFK assassination more than 60 years later after his death. Everybody who investigated his murder from the Warren Commission concluded Oswald killed him is long dead. A special Congressional committee investigating in 1976 said it was probably a conspiracy and not just a lone gunman.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_St ... ssinations

From the wikipedia entry. “The HSCA completed its investigation in 1978 and issued its final report the following year, which concluded that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy."

The FBI director disagreed, but again why are 6,000 documents that Obama and Trump said would be released still hidden away?

Journalists like Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald who have been on Joe Rogan’s podcasts) and probably disagree with almost his political views say it’s a travesty of justice.

At this point I’m being wasted and don’t want a back spasm having been up for about 27 hours. At some point, I’ll see what the rest of you say but not for a few days. I need a break from all the writing I’ve been doing. Not just here but to people I know and never expected to hear from again asking how I am. I’m doin great. I keep on keepin’ on

Like the Grateful Dead song I keep on truckin

Here’s the song which was a number one hit in Turlock California if you can believe Bob Weir.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VXJaGa ... Dead-Topic

I could have cleaned up the grammar and made it more clear but take it for what it's worth. You know by now I'm a raving lunatic.

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Mind-Body is One. This cunt didn't discover it.

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I'm a fan of surrounding myself with people, books, music, and art that helps me enjoy the moment or grow to be a better person.

If Ellen Langer doesn't fit into those categories, I'd just not worry about it.

And I like the term "medical hexing" you shared. Haha, that's a good one.
"You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain." —Miyamato Musashi, A Book of Five Rings

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