Neuroscience on Exercise for Brain Health

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Neuroscience on Exercise for Brain Health

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Another Huberman video of 8 minutes presented as a public service. I didn't send to anybody my age because they won't do it so why make them feel worse and freak them out. Maybe one of your friends or relatives will be persuaded to do some of this. Probably in 30 or 40 years, if the human race survives, there will be drugs and/or gene therapy for this. BUT there are side effects. If you are one of the unlucky ones, there could be some really bad permanent ones. I'd have to be really desperate to take a drug newly marketed. I doubt I'll be that desperate. Anecdotal evidence of side effects can build up over 5 years and take 10 to reach the public according to Dr Joseph Glenmullen, who was and maybe still is a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Harvard in a book called Prozac Backlash published in 2001. I don't believe it's any better after all the news emerging about the Covid vaccines. ... ectPodcast