overcoming obstacle and reaching goals

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overcoming obstacle and reaching goals

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I put up these kinds of videos because it might help even one person. The title is click bait, but it has useful content in 12 minutes.
Andrew Huberman is a neuroscience professor at Stanford. To encapsulate the video.

Important goals like athletic performance, business, writing a book contain stress at the onset of each session. Apparently, a lot of people don't think this should happen, but it does. He gave the neuroscience and brain chemicals involved. There is a point where the brain chemicals dictate to stop not because of injury but because of chemical reactions causing too much fatigue. If one can sense there is a satisfaction or even a joy of reaching today's goal as a step in the process to further goal(s) another chemical reaction will over ride the fatigue signal and one can keep going. He claims you have to let go of external rewards and just focus on internal ones. I'm not talking about a life threatening situation or a goal that is completely absurd like a 300 pound max dead lifter making 500 pounds.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bIATTQ ... ainMindset

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overcoming obstacle and reaching goals

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I like what I've seen from this guy, I need to keep watching. Thanks Lenny.

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