Dr Peter Attia's advice

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Dr Peter Attia's advice

Post by lenny »

I have found out this motherfucker who is super expensive (I cancelled my annual subscription but can't any money back) because if I die that website can just keep charging whoever survives me.


I wonder why he never debates any expert on any subject i have heard with him including exercise, protein, fish oil etc. The motherfucker refuses to answer numerous questions
about covid vaccine injuries after he injected people with the jab. i can believe he didn't know there would be problems at first, but he aint that dumb at this point not to have heard of the numerous problems and vaccine injuries. I go on his website and find how many questions about vaccine issues he has left unanswered the last few years. LOTS AND LOTS

The motherfucker is a fraud. He says the data about cardio training is unequivocal for longevity. Rhonda Patrick who Attia has interviewed and respects is speaking to Dr Martin Gibala from some university in Canada who could sell some kind of cardio product on a website and doesn't although he has co-written a fairly inexpensive book you can find on amazon.com. Here is the interview.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anzG6tV ... dMyFitness

Dr Gibala does mainly high intensity cardio research (maybe zone 5 training) but I have seen his protocols from his book which are something like 3 minutes as hard as you can (you don't even need a heart rate monitor but can do RPE -rating of perceived exertion) wait maybe 3 minutes and repeat and get it done a lot lot faster than the 45 minutes of low intensity cardio that liar Attia says you gotta do plus at least one bout of close to all out high intensity.

Dr. Gibala says somewhere in this video that all this cardio research is only done for 3 months which is not nearly enough to determine if low intensity cardio is better than high intensity cardio and says "Do what you like for cardio. We don't know which is best."
How do you guys like that.

Let me tell you I got off cheap by the money (about 139 bucks i spent for an annual subscription to Fraud Attia) and probably 10 hours I wasted looking for a special step up box that here costs a forturne. Because I believed said fraudster who claimed it was the best exercise ever. Am an idiot? You don't gotta answer but even idiot lenny eventually finds out

idiot lenny has fallen in love with a woman who he first met in 1974 when she was 27 and was the first one he could imagine being with after his first girl friend thankfully dumped him. Now I laugh at what a jerk I have been and have totally released the former 27 year old who is now 76 and who I have wanted to marry numerous times. God knows why as do I. In many ways despite all I have learned about her over the years I still find parts of her incredibly beautiful and special. A friend of mine knows her longer than me and has had zero attraction to her when she looked pretty good in the 1970s.

She and I got together miraculously. That's another long complicated story like all of mine. We lived together for maybe 6 weeks total and it wasn't too good. I told her i knew we'd get married but thankfully God spared me a disaster. I have been crazy in love with this whack job for probably ten years of my life. The first two and a half were in the 1970s when I didn't know her and she had 2 other boyfriends she had lived with before me.

i even have her photo from 14 years ago and she has lost all her beauty. She has severe personality problems with men. I won't even begin to describe. I must be the only boyfriend of the probably ten she lived who wanted her for her soul and spirit and not just want to get between her beautiful legs. She did have a beautiful womanly body in my opinion in the 1970s. I did sleep with her, saw her naked and she looked like dynamite in a leotard that absolutely blew my mind as to how beautiful she did look.

I was then boyfriend number 5 (I met 2,3,4 and saw number 6 briefly). Whack job told me she should have stayed with a former boyfriend. There were probably others before. I know there were more after number 6. Whack job admitted to having sabotaged all her relationships with men. I blamed myself for why it didn't work out cause I was super critical of her for exactly what drew to me to her. She was like a child but i hated her being childish. She was immature but I was a lot lot more immature. How I have overlooked her destructive sadistic, narcissistic, manipulative tendencies shows idiot lenny is a complete fool.

Fraud Attia who some other jerk doctor claims Attia is exceptionally brilliant (what does that tell you about the state of medicine in America- his real expertise is in oncology that he actually worked in for years.)

Fraud Attia says the last decade of life for almost everyone is terrible. Idiot lenny knows from his parents and what his wife says about her mother, father, aunt, uncle this is no lie, he is not about to get 76 year old whack job who might live to be 90 off the floor, probably pick up her shit (I did it for my dad when he shit on the floor) etc. etc. I don't want this crazy woman ever in any incarnation. I hope all this stuff about reincarnation i have read about ain't true because i don't want to be on planet earth for another go around.

I hope this was at least informative if not entertaining. I'm a fuckin idiot but even stupid me has to start taking responsibility, and not fuck around too much with weight training etc. It's too dangerous to skateboard or surf as far as I'm concerned although people do it. I know that if I get fucked up at this age I may never recover to do any kind of exercise i want to do. Thank the good Lord there was no missile alarm while I was stupidly going way past my limit doing the deadlift I should have never even started because there was a real chance i fuck up my back for the rest of my life.

This is no joke livin here. I suppose I survive the Gaza war. If Hezbollah joins in which I think they will I don't expect to survive. I'm just too fuckin close to the center of Israel and they got 130,000 smart rockets. This bunch in this country better grow up and understand there are serious consequences that may result in the annihilation of everybody including Moslem arabs in another Holocaust. I ain't too hopeful at this point from the little I know.

Idiot lenny
Over and out
Have a good day and a good life and I mean it. because you never know and I was lucky not to find out the hard way that it could end in a blink of an eye.

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Dr Peter Attia's advice

Post by motherjuggs&speed »

I started listening to Attia's conversation with the more plates more dates guy but he lost me when he said he never prescribes more than 150 mg/ wk test. There's no point in going on at all with such a puny dose IMO. He harped on how it was physiological, as if surpaphysiological was some kind of bad thing. I'm not talking about crazy dosages but there's plenty of room between pro bodybuilder and Grandpa Walton. For a dose of sanity I'll tune back in to Thomas O'Connor

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Dr Peter Attia's advice

Post by Boris »

motherjuggs&speed wrote: Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:21 am I started listening to Attia's conversation with the more plates more dates guy
Him having a conversation w. the more plates more dates guy is a pretty red flag to his legitimacy imho. That I even know that douche's first name is a clear reflection of the pathetic state of fitness and health "education" in this country.

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