Ruination of cash money

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Ruination of cash money

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Because there weren't already ENOUGH reasons to demonize jeggings and skinny jeans? ... cas-money/
Since American money was consolidated into a single system of currency in the late 1800s, U.S. dollars have been printed on a unique cotton blend paper. That paper has been supplied by a single company, Crane, for more than a century. And Crane relied on scraps of denim sold in bulk by the garment industry for its cotton. . . .

But something strange began to happen in the 1990s: Denim became tainted. . . .

Even a single fiber of spandex can ruin a batch of currency paper, degrading the strength of the material. But separating the spandex from the cotton would be a Herculean task, Rudd said. By the early 2000s, almost every pair of jeans contained at least a hint of stretch -- rendering them useless to Crane.