Sam Harris talks to Rener Gracie about training police

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Sam Harris talks to Rener Gracie about training police

Post by Alfred_E._Neuman »

I thought you a-holes might enjoy this since a lot of people here partake in the pajama wrestling and it's a timely topic what with all the unrest over police shootings recently. Sam Harris has Rener Gracie on the podcast to talk about training the police to use BJJ to control a suspect.
This doesn't address the underlying social issues that lead to violent confrontations between the police and the public, but it does address how police can be better trained to use BJJ to subdue rather escalate to gunfire in a good many situations. Especially if the subject can be brought under control quickly before a situation might get out of hand.

Linkage: ... isconduct/
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Re: Sam Harris talks to Rener Gracie about training police

Post by baffled »

I can't listen to Sam Harris anymore, but it's a good topic. The only issue I see is, well two issues:
1) Little requirement to maintain physical fitness with most departments. One of the cops that almost killed Lt. Nazario looked like his heart would pop if he had to give a real chase
2) time. Here, most of the police run 4 x 10 hour shifts. Where is a guy with that schedule, plus a commute going to get the extra time unless he goes with his kids?

I guess a lot of that could and should be taught in the academy, and extra time devoted to brush up training while on the clock as part of their duty. Good luck with the unions, though.

Still a worthwhile discussion to have
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Re: Sam Harris talks to Rener Gracie about training police

Post by newguy »

This is making the assumption that cops want to deescalate.

Not to burst any bubbles, but they don't.

They go into these situations with two mindsets.

One is that their lives are in danger every single second of the day and every single traffic stop could be the last time they see their families.

The other is that motherfuckers better listen to them or they are going to get the shit beat out them.

They are not walking into these interactions (with people of color) thinking "what can I do to make sure this person gets to the station safely so we can figure this situation out."

And this is not every cop. I get that. The cops that want to deescalate and are motivated to do so certainly can and do. And among the thousands and thousands of interactions police have with people of all types, the vast majority are perfectly fine.

And of my interactions on a variety of level with law enforcement, the vast majority have been perfectly fine and good.

But there plenty of interactions in this country that are not fine and good and I've seen it myself as well.

What I think one of the core issues is, the asshole cops do not get punished, they do not get kicked off the force, they are not looked down on. They get protected by rank and file and the shit they do gets swept under the rug. And there is the distinct possibility that this is because that is how the system is designed to work with the built in systemic racism and the rampant base level bullshit that is inherent in american policing.

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