Shaggy...know of this sex palace?

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Shaggy...know of this sex palace?

Post by nafod » ... oyboy.html

A heartening story.
The pretty blonde scored something of a first at The Villages - a giant Florida retirement complex of 100,000 people.

Dozens of couples have been caught copulating outdoors before but police rarely issue more than a warning for fear of mucking up the area’s low crime figures.

'They were still at it when the cops arrived 10 minutes later'
Teenagers behaving badly appear tame compared to retirees at The Villages, where there’s a black market for Viagra.

Dubbed Disney World for old people, there are 10 women to every man and their antics would make Mickey Mouse blush.
Peggy and 49-year-old David Bobilya were spotted – with their undies around their ankles – having sex against a Bait Shack hut at 10.30pm, according to police.
'They were still at it when the cops arrived 10 minutes later,' said a bartender at Red Sauce.

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