What’s your ratio?

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What’s your ratio?

Post by Turdacious »

In DC for 2020, 780 COVID19 deaths, 198 homicide deaths. 4:1. County I live in has less than half the per capita COVID19 death rate and a very few homicides although it probably has a higher undocumented population which may be a factor for COVID19 stats.
https://wtop.com/crime/2021/01/dc-homic ... ince-2004/
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Re: What’s your ratio?

Post by Kazuya Mishima »

It shocks me that the nation's capital struggles with violence and crime on a perennial basis in spite of it being such a vibrant and diverse community.

Surely, the rainbow coalition of citizens and community leadership will someday find a way to leverage our nation's greatest strength and transform DC into the "Shining City on the Hill" that our forefathers dreamed of.

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