APRE- Bryan Mann

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APRE- Bryan Mann

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Posted by me on another forum:

Got this at EliteFTS.

This program is an extension of Delorme's PRE (progressive resistance exercise) work (which if you recall, is based on 3 sets: 10 reps w/ 50% 10RM, 10 reps with 75% 10RM, 10 reps w/ 10RM)

The program was later changed by a Dr. Knight (and named DAPRE- daily autoregulated PRE) to include a 4th set, which was adjusted based on the performance of the 3rd set at 10RM to failure. Depending on the number of reps performed, weight is either added, subtracted, or left the same for the fourth set (also performed to failure). This provides a form of autoregulation and the fourth set determines the weight to use for the next session.

Dr. Knight then came up with a second protocol using 6RM following the same principles for 4 sets.

Mel Siff wrote about this in Supertraining (renaming it APRE- dropping daily) and apparently is credited with added a third protocol using 3RM, again for 4 sets using the same principles.

In this book, Bryan Mann discusses these 3 protocols, the research he has done using them and how to implement them in a program effectively based on his experience with using them on his athletes at the Univ. of Missouri. The weight adjustments for the fourth set of each protocol is included (this info can also be found in Supertraining).

Decent book for the cost, but you can find a lot of this information elsewhere (like the research Dr. Mann performed and descriptions of the protocols).
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