Explosive Calisthenic by Paul Wade

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Explosive Calisthenic by Paul Wade

Post by TomFurman »

I received a hard copy for review.

Most of the kips, muscle ups, flips, etc.. I won't be doing.

This book however is EXTREMELY well put together.
1. Very, very, good, step by step progression. 10 Steps and "steps within steps".
2. The writing is very clear.
3. Photography is top notch.
4. Art design overall is the best of anything Dragondoor has done.

The only downside is if you don't want to do this material or have no interest. If you are a fitness buff.. it's worth it.
The other possibility is that you can run your children through some early steps to see if they enjoy it or want to do gymnastics.

Endless "Paul Wade" conspiracy jokes, but this is a very well done piece of work. MINUS the advertisements it's 351 pages of glossy paper and color.
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