1 - Formula 1 doc

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1 - Formula 1 doc

Post by Alfred_E._Neuman »

Been on my list for a while and recently got around to watching it.

Disappointed in the direction it took. Instead of focusing on the passion, history, drama, heroes, machines, teams, or any other aspect of the sport that makes it the pinnacle of four wheel motorsport, they focused on how deadly the sport was in it's infancy and adolescence. Too many graphic depictions of the greatest drivers of the day meeting their end in fiery crashes.

If they were going to go that route, I would have much rather watched a more technically detailed doc about the actual safety advances in cars/tracks that have led us to the point that drivers are walking away from horrific dust ups.

Worth a watch for Formula 1 fans who already know the history of the sport, but those not already into F1 won't get very much out of it.
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