Ginastica Natural Full Home Body Workout

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Ginastica Natural Full Home Body Workout

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Background: I was interested in a mobility workout after reading an article about Ido Portal. That eventually led me to Ginastica Natural and I wanted to give it a try. The way they structure the pricing, it's far cheaper to get the whole thing than 2-3 of the lessons. Since I was interested in 3 courses, it was cheaper to buy the whole thing.

The lessons mostly consist of a 20 min or so rehearsal of the moves for that workout then the workout, which is usually around 30 minutes. The workout is a short warm up then the workout where you go through around 5 moves twice, more quickly the second time and then a cool down. First Steps is the exception, it's just a practice session of stuff throughout the other lessons and is pretty low key.

I did the online version, you can find DVD's on Amazon or elsewhere but they cost more.

https://www.ginasticanaturaluniversity. ... 3pCQ%3d%3d

Pros: Really liked it. I ended up doing the 90 beginners program this fall and it consists, mostly, of First Steps, Stretch, Classic and Circuit and I added Ab Express occasionally. Was more limber and moved better when done. Way more cardio than I expected, in that regard, it's YRG on steroids. The two ladies who are in each tape are very easy on the eyes. For Power and Cardio, I've done the practice sessions tacked onto one of the other workouts but not the actual workouts, so I can't speak to them directly, I suspect they'd be pretty challenging though. Very core focused.

Cons: His accent can be hard to understand sometimes. Some of the moves are kind of cheesy, but I went with "b/c coach said". Be careful if you have touchy elbows or shoulders as a lot of the moves involve pushups and in this volume it might bother them. One of my elbows would get a little sore. My toes on the other hand, got pretty sore. Several of the moves have you moving quickly from pushup positions or similar to standing and back. I think I started to get turf toe. Wearing shoes instead of going barefoot and RICE took care of it.

EDIT: Forgot the most important thing, to me at least. Historically, my low back has been touchy and very often achy at best to painful and laid up for several days at worst. This cured it, completely. It was only when I stopped doing GN in mid-November that it came back. Lots of twisting in the warm ups/work outs and deep stretching in the cool downs, I think.
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