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A nice first person account from inside the "Bikram" world. I especially enjoyed the take on Tony Sanchez and where he has gone with his yoga. A very good physiological explanation of the heat process (and Bikram's own personal heating system guy).

The author does a good job of explaining the diversity and evolution of "yoga" and why the outrage at competitive yoga is sort of silly.

I liked the breakdown of the many ridiculous Bikram claims over the years (Olympic lifting gold medal, curing Nixon of phlebitis, getting Bruce Lee his role in Enter the Dragon, etc.) He really makes Bikram look loony in places, and hits all the standard "guru abuse of power" points (of which there are a lot) but still respects what Bikram created and accomplished, it appears. If you ever took more than one hot yoga class, you will like this book.

Very well-written.
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