Lego Batman Movie

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Lego Batman Movie

Post by JimZipCode »

Laugh-out-loud funny in a couple spots, it has the same sense of humor as the original Lego Movie. Ultimately it's not as good as the Lego Movie, but it's pretty good.

I feel asleep for about an hour, in the middle of it. Took my 7yo and a bunch of his friends to a 10am Saturday showing, at a theater with reclining seats, and I just dozed off for a bit.

How this movie is different different: the Lego Movie started slower, easing you into its world a little before taking off on the crazy adventure. Chris Pratt's Emmett is more engaging/sympathetic/enjoyable than Will Arnett's Batman. This story is a little more formulaic kumbaya (Batman learns that he needs people). This movie is so visually chaotic, right from the start, that I wonder if part of the reason I fell asleep was my brain shutting down from the visual assault. The young children kept up with it just fine; probably just an old dude thing.

No reason to stay away from it, if your kid's interested. Just don't expect it to be as impressive as the original Lego Movie.
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Re: Lego Batman Movie

Post by aussie luke »

I found that wth the Lego movie - so much shit going on all over the screen every single second of the movie I didn't know where to look. Exhausting.

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Re: Lego Batman Movie

Post by nafod »

Took my wife to see Beauty and the Beast, and luckily it was sold out. Tried to convince her to see John Wick 2 for the second time, but that was a no-go. We settled on Lego Batman. My conversation with ticket counter girl...

"Two for Batman"
"Lego Batman?"
"Is there another?"

Overall it is, as everyone else says, overly frenetic visually. The best part of the movie is when he is slowly riding the elevator. My brain could catch up. Will Arnett is funny, and there's tons of little throwaways embedded to catch on later watching. Popcorn was good.
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