Movie “Upgrade”

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Movie “Upgrade”

Post by nafod »

A bucket of fuck yeah. Reminds me of the original Terminator in that it has a B movie vibe, popcorning munching goodness to it where bad guys get what’s coming to them, but has some twists, and yet you can predict a lot of the movie, but you don’t care because it is just good.
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Re: Movie “Upgrade”

Post by Shapecharge »

Wife and I caught this on Saturday. It's getting good reviews not that that has to mean anything. The wife was initially reluctant but afterwards she said she thoroughly enjoyed it. It has suitable twists here and there to keep you engaged and the action scenes are well done. There's one particular close combat scene that would have Furman's ripped jeans down by his ankles in a heartbeat rubbing one out. So there's that. Shape is gonna give this one a slap on the ass with two full hands ass grab.

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