On Netflix: Night Stalker

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On Netflix: Night Stalker

Post by johno »

Riveting four episode documentary on the hunt for the Cali serial killer. NO reenactment, thank God, instead mostly news footage & crime scene photos from the time coupled with current interviews of detectives, victims, and victim's family members.

I was left with great respect for the dedication and heart shown by the primary detectives, and for the suffering of the victims. The series briefly touches on Ramirez's horrible childhood but doesn't excuse his evil acts.
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Re: On Netflix: Night Stalker

Post by Sangoma »

I liked it as well.

There are afew good crime documentaries on Netflix. How to Fix a Drug Scandal, Trial 4, White Boy, the Ripper. All quite gripping.

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Re: On Netflix: Night Stalker

Post by Boris »

I thought that you were referring to episodes of Kolchak.... Nevermind, carry on.

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