Netflix series ‘Black Spot’.

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Netflix series ‘Black Spot’.

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Kind of like twin peaks but in France, with a bit of X-files thrown in.

It’s dubbed in English. If you can’t handle that, do not pass go. I didn’t find it a real problem as the rest of the production more than carries itself.

This series is good. I don’t watch a lot of TV at all... My ‘discretionary screen time’ is mostly spent on youtube docos and podcasts, but this series sucked me in.

Based in a small town in the eastern hills of France. Time setting is a bit weird due to the use of mostly early 90s vehicles and outdoorsy fashion, the result of which is actually quite stylistic. The town is somewhat cut off from the rest of the world (aka black spot for cell phones) and has more than its fair share of unsolved deaths. There’s corruption in the town and a mysterious force in the forest. It’s quaint but quality. Being European it refreshingly doesn’t trade on sexiness, firearms and the usual American film tropes (although guns are in it, due to the context). Instead you receive a quality production that oozes authenticity and seems to care about producing an offering that really draws you in through the fourth wall. Something often absent in current offerings.

Atmospheric but real and gritty, with helpings of mystery and supernatural. There are two seasons on Netflix. If you want something a bit different, give it a look.

Four and three quarter stars. I predict a cult following.
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