Nvidia Shield TV

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Nvidia Shield TV

Post by milosz »

Needed a new streaming hub for my living room since I ditched DirecTV, I've used all the options in one place or another and they're all fine. I wanted something that made it easy when I had a downloaded UFC event or something along those lines, so I ponied up a bit more for the Shield.

The Shield is closer to a HTPC running AndroidTV than most of the simple streaming boxes - 16GB internal storage and you can either buy a model with an extra 500GB built in or add your own via external HD. I went with the 16GB model and added a 256GB USB SSD for storage (very simple to make it permanent storage for the Shield). Plex, Kodi, etc. are all available, it has Google Cast built in so you can stream as you would with a Chromecast, etc..

Works great so far - has run every downloaded file without a hiccup, has all the major streaming services except for Amazon Video, the Google Play stores are as good an option for renting new movies as iTunes.

Since it runs AndroidTV you can also play mobile games on it but I haven't tried any.

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Re: Nvidia Shield TV

Post by Shafpocalypse Now »

I weight go to this after I ditch dtv later...since I'm so impressed with the tiny fire stick

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Re: Nvidia Shield TV

Post by j-cubed »

I picked one up because I also have a 4K TV. It's one of the streaming devices that will output in 4K.
Playing some of the games if actually pretty fun. I've not run Kodi yet, but probably will soon. Plex runs fine, as does a ton of other apps.

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