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Parking Panda

Post by DrDonkeyLove »

Had two people recommend Parking Panda to me last week and I tried it to good success.
It's an app for parking similar to Hotwire or Priceline for hotels where you pre-pay for your space.

Tell it where you're going and it'll show you lots where you can park along with their (supposedly) discounted price. You can even get in and out privileges, and they claim you'll always have a spot waiting for you - never full. When I used it, the app had a map and well written directions to the lot.

When you get to the lot, you flash a QR code to a special reader they have installed near the ticket machine instead of taking a ticket. When you leave, you do the same thing instead of paying at a booth or a machine. Also handy for tracking parking costs for expense reports.

Only downside I can see is that when you buy the parking space, you have a limited window for cancellation w/o payment.

I liked it a lot.
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