Patriots Day

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Patriots Day

Post by powerlifter54 »

Good entertainment and some insight into the Marathon Bombing in Boston.

They take a few liberties with Mark Wahlberg's fictional character, who is sort of like Obama's college buddies and girlfriends, nonexistent composites that tie the intended narrative together.

Dun Meng is a badass not in the internet sense of the word, but I use the word purposefully to describe him.

The Watertown gunfight is way bigger than I thought. Some questions on size of those bombs.

Great matinee flick. Not a chick flick unless you are married to a Cop's wife.

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Re: Patriots Day

Post by Fuzzy Dunlop »

Fuck this movie and fuck Mark Wahlberg for cashing in on the attack.
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Re: Patriots Day

Post by vern »

Did they make the bombers neo-Nazis?
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Re: Patriots Day

Post by Testiclaw »

TNation says running makes you fat, so I won't be watching this movie.
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Re: Patriots Day

Post by johno »

I just saw this last night with the wife. It was a way better movie than I expected. And my wife enjoyed it too, although some of the scenes of carnage were not her thing. If you've seen mutilated bodies, the movie will ring true.

Wahlberg did a pretty good job being that guy who is at every key plot point...the unlikelihood of that wasn't too intrusive. There were a few characters introduced who wore the Star Trek red jacket...destined to be victims. And the Tsarnaev brothers were well-acted.

I agree with Jack's review, above.
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